f r e s h  o l i v e  o i l s.    a g e d  b a l s a m i c s.

Olive oil, also known as “liquid gold” has a plethora of amazing health benefits. It has been linked to low rates of coronary heart disease, obesity, certain cancers and Type 2 diabetes. Studies show that people taking high blood pressure medication could actually reduce their dosage if they substituted extra virgin olive oil in their diet in place of other types of fats.
In fact, medical studies indicate that Mediterranean countries, where olive oil consumption is high, suffer less cardiovascular problems from any other country in the world where the ratio of the consumption of animal fat is high or simply the nutrition parameters are poor.

Additionally, olive oil in your daily diet helps keep your metabolism at a good balance, and your body’s growth and bone growth at good levels, which is especially important in children. Olive oil has been linked to helping maintain good levels of Vitamin E in the human body. This vitamin has the property to delay the change of the cellular structure that contributes to the aging process.

Beyond these incredible benefits of adding olive oil to your regular diet, it has many other uses related to your health. It is often used to maintain skin and muscle suppleness, to heal abrasions, to give body and shine to hair and soothe the drying effects of sun and wind. It has also been used in remedies to strengthen weak nails, aid digestion, promote hair growth, relieve aching muscles and even cure the effects of alcohol consumption.

And not to mention it is absolutely delicious to cook with on top of all these great factors. Use it as a staple in your cooking to improve your health!