f r e s h  o l i v e  o i l s.    a g e d  b a l s a m i c s.

"Locals love Olio...(their) dark chocolate balsamic vinegar makes a great stocking stuffer." ~ Southern Living, Dec. 2012

"Just wanted you to know I think the Green Apple Balsamic is wild and
wonderful! Best wishes to you and Olio for much success!" ~Paula, 3/16/2013

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place :)! Visited Old Town for the first time on Monday... Olio was
one of my favorites. I can't stop talking about it!!!" ~Stephanie, 2/20/2013

"I can't say enough wonderful things about the Carmel Balsamic Vinegar!!! Had it and
Tupelo Honey drizzled on strawberry the other night. Tonight, grilled peaches and Carmel
Balsamic Vinegar with homemade whipped cream. I actually think you could put this stuff
on a shoe and it would taste fantastic! I am in love!" ~Tonda, 3/10/2012

"Chocolate raspberry balsamic may be the best food product in the world. Olio Tasting
Room is absolutely beautiful and such a great addition to the area." ~ Kathy Coleman 8/17/2011

"Made an AWESOME sandwich with your roasted walnut balsamic...slices of avocado,
turkey, drizzle of the vinegar and fresh gruyere. YUM!" ~ Rebecca Leonard 7/27/2011

"There were all sorts of healthful reasons I started using olive oil in cooking for my
family. It's said to be an anti-inflammatory, and its healthy fats make it a good choice.
But Olio showed me the amazing diversity and pure deliciousness of flavored olive oils.
Suddenly I am a gourmet cook! These oils transform standard recipes into incredible
taste treats. My family is in heaven."

"Thanks, Olio! I never knew what flavored vinegars could do for food! The variety
of tastes is incredible - gourmet marinades, bruschettas and salads flavored with fruit,
herbal and balsamic vinegars... Yummmm. Being a great cook has become so easy I
feel almost guilty."

"Olive oils and vinegars!!! Who knew! The flavored varieties found at Olio in Old
Town have changed the way I cook and eat...This is the most cooking fun I've had in years!!"