The Gift of Good Taste.


The Inspiration Behind Olio

Penny WillimannIf you visited the home kitchen of Olio Tasting Room proprietor Penny Willimann, you would discover her counter is barely visible under all the bottles of olive oils and balsamic vinegars she has lined up in neatly organized rows. This obsession in her kitchen has been culminating over many years, and ultimately inspired her to open the tasting room in Old Town Alexandria in 2011. “I wanted my friends and neighbors, cooks and novices alike, to discover what I already had, that quality oils and vinegars are a game changer for your diet, your taste buds, your health and, of course, for your dinner parties.  I wanted them to try the products in the store before they buy so they could truly understand the difference. ” This notion inspired the tasting room concept. 

These days Penny splits her time between her "three" babies - the store, and her two toddlers.  She can often be found in the store chatting it up with customers, and occasionally you might find her four year old quietly snacking on bread and balsamic "dip" at the counter. She loves to hear from her customers about all the great ways they use the products!  Send her your favorite recipe to


More Than Olive Oil. Great Products, Great Ingredients

Since opening, Olio Tasting Room has expanded its product lines to include pastas, sauces, teas, sea salts, tapenades, specialty condiments and more.  We aim to source locally when possible, to know our producers, and to buy foods with ingredients we can pronounce. 

Olio products have graced the kitchens of many happy clients near and far, as well as exciting spots such as The Italian Embassy, Salamander Resort and Spa, local wineries, gourmet shops, restaurants and even a few wedding tables.  


Olio as a Resource

Our website is designed to be a resource for our customers to learn about eating healthy natural foods.  Check out our events page to learn about foodie events at Olio and in the metro area, and our page to find new and exciting ways to use the products. 

All of us at Olio Tasting Room want to inspire the world, one happy client at a time, by improving diets and dinner plates with our delicious and healthy oils, balsamic vinegars and other cooking essentials.  Whether you are a seasoned Chef or a novice, Olio Tasting Room is sure to spark your culinary creativity. Come visit us at one of our tasting events, or any time, and let us inspire you!

We welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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