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Holiday Recipe Ebook 2015

by Penny Willimann November 12, 2015 In Blog

Guest Blogger & Health Coach Donna Zurick Chimes In On Oregano Olive Oil

by Penny Willimann April 3, 2015 In Blog

Olio Oregano Olive Oil- A New Favorite!Fresh Oregano

I was recently shopping at one of my favorite stores in Old Town Alexandria, Olio.  I love their assortment of olive oils and vinegars.  They really liven up my cooking, and my salads!  During this visit, the Oregano Olive Oil caught my eye.  I hadn’t used it before, and oregano is one of my favorite herbs!

Honey: It’s About Time We Went Raw

by Penny Willimann February 23, 2015 In Blog

Natural Raw Honey

What’s the fuss about raw honey?  We all know honey is good for us, so why is raw honey so much better?

To begin with, it is 100% pure - unpasteurized, unheated and non-processed. This means you get all the goodness from a bee’s nectar-laden diet.  All the natural vitamins and living enzymes are preserved when honey is in its raw state.

Vinegar and Balsamic Mignonette and Oysters

by Penny Willimann December 9, 2014 In Blog

Oysters with balsamic mignonette sauceMignonette sauce is a condiment typically served with raw oysters and intended to enhance, not overwhelm, the natural flavor of the oysters. And the possibilities for new and unique flavor combinations using vinegar and aged balsamics are nearly endless.

Cooking with Kaldi Simmering Sauces

by Penny Willimann October 23, 2014 In Blog

Stifado - Red Wine, Onions, & All SpiceOne of the fantastic things about simmering sauces is that they create flavorful bases for the cooking of a central ingredient such as vegetables or a wide variety of meats.