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101 Uses For Truffle Salt

by PennyMar 26, 2014In Blog

When I first started getting into cooking, my entire family jumped on the bandwagon and decided that from here on out, I’d get something cooking related for every gift occasion. This made me extremely happy! KitchenAid - amazing bridal gift. Cupcake cookbook - delicious birthday present. Fancy sugar and sea salts - perfect stocking stuffer (yes, we still do stockings!). After a few years, I had quite the collection! In the days before my two beautiful children came along, I would look up at my spice rack and admire my assorted collection of delicacies - Harrissa spice, Saffron, Williams-Sonoma Blood Orange Peel, Fennel Seed, and Truffle salt - without a clue on what I was going to use these speciality items on and who would be so special that I would serve my prized spices to … maybe the queen. Ridiculous. I wanted to save these items for some magical occasion instead of enjoying them.
One day, maybe it was the new year with new cooking goals or maybe it was due to a new round of exquisitely delicious holiday gifts, I was ready to open these spices up and give them a go. At first, I googled specific recipes to create with the specific spice. Hello harissa spaghettini pasta. Nice to meet you, porketta roast made with fennel seed. Welcome to the table, blood orange compote. This was a delicious time in my life.
Then something incredible happened - I could taste the difference these spices were making on our meals and I started to understand what spices paired well with what foods. I started experimenting with adding these fancy spices to my everyday dishes. Nice to finally meet you, white truffle salt on my morning eggs. And I haven’t stopped. Amazing salts, sugars and sauces have graced our table every since!
As I was throwing more black truffle salt on my popcorn, I started to wonder if other people were also hesitant on using unique spices and salts on their food. I fear this isn’t a problem that I faced alone! With my great love of truffle salt, I’ve set out on a mission - to showcase 101 Uses for Truffle Salt. I believe this will be another delicious time in my life. Follow my journey on Facebook using #101UsesForTruffleSalt and please share with us how you have enjoyed these salts!


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