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Local Producer Spot Light: The Essential Table

by  - PennySep 9, 2014In Blog

Essential Tables Bethany and Beth

At Olio we are very lucky to work with The Essential Table, based out of Winchester, VA.  As anyone can tell when coming in the store, I love to buy local and love working with like-minded folks who have taken their passion and made it into something special. Beth and Bethany, the founders of The Essential Table, are two great friends who came together using their unique talents to start the business. Bethany is the “master chef” and Beth is the operations woman. Together they make the perfect team. 

Another thing we love about The Essential Table is that their jams use all-natural and locally sourced ingredients, and each batch is hand-crafted by Beth and Bethany. The ladies have worked carefully to master their delicious recipes, which are meant to be used in a variety of ways, either directly out of the jar or as a base to create a delicious meal. Kitchen novices and gourmet chefs alike can be inspired by these unique and savory jam flavor combinations.

At Olio we sell several of the Essential Tables flavors and are always eager to try any new ones they create. My favorites are the Bourbon Onion JamSpicy Tomato Jam, and Thai Chili Tequila Jam. They each have their own unique flavor profile that allow for many amazing pairing options.

Next time you are in a hurry, preparing to host a gathering, whether a picnic or dinner party, stop by and grab one of their jams and try one of the ideas below. You and your guests will be blown away by the complex flavors. Not to mention because the jams stand alone in flavor, they are super easy to use in a recipe because the work is already done for you!

Bourbon Onion Jam, with its caramelized onion, smoky bourbon and aged balsamic leads itself beautifully to burgers, garnish for pizza or layer it with fresh goat cheese.

Spicy Tomato Jam, is incredibly versatile; it’s sweet, salty, with a little bit of heat. It’s perfect for breakfast over a fried egg with crusty bread or use instead of ketchup in a meatloaf recipe.

Thai Chili Tequila Jam, is a lively combination of chilis, bell peppers, and ginger.  Warm and brush on duck or salmon as a glaze or simply top some corn bread as a great starter.

I am inspired by these savvy ladies and their amazing line of jams.  In my kitchen, along with all the bottles of oils and vinegars, The Essential Table is truly essential.  I’ve always got a jar in the fridge.


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