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The Perfect Pair

by PennyFeb 4, 2014In Blog

In life, it is rare and beautiful to find two things that just fit perfectly together. When each compliments the other and bring outs the very best in them. Some say that is love. We say it is our Blood Orange Olive Oil and Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar.

Olio’s Blood Orange Olive Oil is one of our delicious flavor infused extra virgin olive oils. Alone, it is a great substitute for any oil in baked goods to add a hint of orange; a way to add fresh, crisp flavor to sautéd salmon; or even as a flavoring ingredient in Asian dishes (think orange chicken, yum!). Our Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar is a flavor infused aged balsamic that has the rich, sharp sweetness of chocolate. Alone, this is a great dessert vinegar. Drizzle on coconut sorbet or use as a dip for strawberries. For a special treat, add to smoked cheeses.

Together, our Blood Orange Olive Oil with Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar make a delicious marinade for pork, new twist as a topping for soft cheeses and even a simple table dip for bread to begin your meal. What we love is how the tart, sweetness of the orange blends with the smooth, richness of the chocolate.

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, we think this perfect pair would be a great addition to your romantic dinner either being served or given as a gift. Bring your special someone in for a tasting today!


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