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Basil Olive Oil

Olive Oil


We found the perfect balance of our First, Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the sweet flavor of freshly picked basil.  

Drizzle over fresh tomatoes and mozzarella or use it in your favorite pesto recipe.  

  • 200 ml - $12.99
  • 375 ml - $17.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $198.00 (12th bottle free!)
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There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh basil – especially when paired with homegrown tomatoes freshly picked from your garden or the local farmers market and fresh mozzarella. Yum! This bottle of Basil infused Olive Oil is the essence of that flavor – equally fresh and savory. Bring this bottle to your next dinner party as a hostess gift. This popular infused olive oil is great for foodies and novice alike. Our classic flavor is also perfect for those “hard to buy” friends – children’s teachers, neighbors, dog-walkers, colleagues. To add a little more to your gift, pair with our Bergamot Lemon Balsamic.

Quick Descriptors: Distinctive basil flavor, fresh

On your plate: grilling and sautéing meats, fish or poultry; toss in fresh pasta salad; drizzle over tomatoes, fall soups and soft cheeses.

The perfect compliment to a caprese salad – this olive oil has a distinctive basil flavor with a smooth finish. Great addition to soups, tossed into fresh pasta with summer vegetables or drizzled over soft cheese.