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Black Truffle Olive Oil

Black Truffle
Olive Oil


Often called the “diamond of the kitchen,” black truffles are a treasures with a long history of extravagance. Our Black Truffle Olive Oil has an earthy, rich and pleasant aroma that serves as a lovely finishing oil.

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As legend would have it, truffles were discovered after a tree was struck by lightning - which was never a good sign as far as legends go. This continued until a farmer spotted a healthy pig that sniffed, dug out and ate a truffle from the root of a tree. When he deemed the pig healthy after eating it, he decided to try it. What resulted is what legends are made of -– the man was cured of his infertility and went on to produce 13 children with his wife! This led to the belief that the truffles had special powers.

Even the Greeks and Romans used the truffle for healing and therapeutic purposes. They also thought it to be an aphrodisiac. In addition, the rare truffle gained popularly in noble classes because of its exotic aroma and flavor. We think the taste is divine,– and a little extra magic and healing couldn’t hurt! Our striking black truffle olive oil has an earthly black truffle taste that compliments dishes as a finishing oil.

Quick Descriptors: Earthly black truffle

On your plate: Use as a finishing oil over pasta, risottos, meats and fish.

AMAZING FLAVOR!!! I have tried many and found Olio’s to be far better at a much better price. Drizzle over pasta with a dash of sea salt.....Yummy!!

this extra virgin olive oils is my secret weapon. I'm able to get the great taste of truffles without the cost