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Blood Orange Olive Oil

Blood Orange
Olive Oil


Great substitute for butter in baking – adds orangey sweet zest to your cakes! This olive oil has a sweet orange-infused flavor with a smooth finish.

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Blood orange fruit is deliciously sweet with a luscious, rich red flesh. Our infused Blood Orange Olive Oil has a sweet, smooth flavor with a variety of uses. It can be used as a butter substitute to create a moist, tender cake that has a hint of citrus or adds fresh, crisp flavor to sautéed salmon. It is perfectly paired with our Chocolate Balsamic for a sweet and healthy combination great on salads with fresh fruit.

Mythology tells us that blood oranges contribute to fertility; but science tells us about its health benefits. The distinctive red flesh coloring is due to the presence of anthocyanins – a powerful antioxidant in vitro. Citrus’ rich in antioxidants and vitamin C –like blood oranges – are vital for healthy cells. These contribute to boosting your immune system and assist your body in absorbing iron – and potentially reduce the risk of cancers. This is a healthy, sweet and versatile olive oil great for amateur or professional bakers or cooks!

Quick Descriptors: smooth, sweet orange flavor.

On your plate: Substitute for any oil in baked goods to add a hint of orange; sauté salmon or as a flavoring in Asian dishes.

Olive oils! I bought my mom some blood orange olive oil because I knew it would be amazing in the stir frys she cooks up, and she grew up the daughter of an orange rancher. This oil was an incredible citrus experience. But if I were purchasing for myself, I would have gone with the Chipotle olive oil - I want to go back and grab some, to add just that right kick to each meal.

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