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Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Laconiko Koroneiko
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This is a family owned and produced extra virgin olive oil from Southern Peloponnese, Greece. With family in the US (Gainesville, VA!) and in Greece, this 5,000 olive tree production creates a delightfully smooth and rich Olive Oil.

  • 375 ml - $ 19.49
  • 2 liter food grade plastic jug for refilling cruets or other storage containers - $ 74.00 
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $ 214.25 (12th bottle free!)
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Grown between orange groves in a private estate of only 5,000 olive trees and off the coast of Southern Peloponnese, Greece, these olives have a fresh, unique flavor. Made from 100% unblended single variety, koroneiko, by a fourth generation olive oil family, Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a well-managed and high quality extra-virgin olive oil. With family in the United States (two brothers live in Gainesville!, VA) and in Greece, they pride themselves on creating a superb quality resulting in award winning Olive Oil. As the family says, “Laconiko gets its name from the word ‘laconic,’ which is also derived from Laconia by analogy and means ‘to express a quality thought or idea using a limited amount of words’ as the Spartans were reputed of doing by the Athenians.” With this in mind, the family remains determined to not mass produce, but focus on elite care of their trees and producing one-of-a-kind olive oil. Laconiko is definitely a house-favorite!

Quick Descriptors: Smooth, rich, buttery flavor; 100% unblended single olive variety (koroneiko).

On your plate: Dressing on Greek salad with feta, red onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives; bread dip; pastas; compliments sauces and other cooking.


- 375 ml

- 2 liter food grade plastic jug to be used to refill cruets or other olive oil containers

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