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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon
Olive Oil


When life gives you lemons - well, yum - infuse it into olive oil of course. This olive oil brings bright fresh flavors to your dish with a touch of sweet, crisp lemon flavor. Perfect on grilled fish or vegetables.

  • 200 ml - $13.99 
  • 375 ml - $18.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $198.00 (12th bottle free!)
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The Meyer Lemon is the darling favorite in farmer’s markets and beloved by chefs and home cooks. Beyond its beautiful, decorative appearance, this lemon has a thin edible rind, high volume of juice and slightly sweet aroma without the tartness of a regular lemon. Our Meyer Lemon infused olive oil brings a light, refreshing taste to your table. With a crisp, mild, lemony bite, this olive oil is perfect on grilled fish, drizzled over summer pasta salad or use to replace butter for a sweet, healthy dessert!

Quick Descriptors: Fresh, bright, crisp, lemony bite, light.

On your plate: Drizzled over grilled fish or vegetables; mixed into pasta salad; replacement for butter in dessert. Great in marinades when mixed with a fruit-infused balsamic.

This wonderful olive oil was fist given to me as a gift and now is a stable in my cupboard. I use it on everything from fish to steamed veggies – when I’m not using the blood orange olive oil.

I hope you enjoy is as much as I do.