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Persian Lime Olive Oil

Persian Lime
Olive Oil


Bring a new, one-of-a-kind flavor to your plate and entertain your guests with this interesting and refreshingly bright extra-virgin olive oil. Our Persian Lime Olive Oil has a light, sweet lime zest with a smooth peppery finish that goes brilliantly over salads or as a finishing oil on fish.

  • 200 ml - $12.99 
  • 375 ml - $17.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $198.00 (12th bottle free!)
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A refreshing and bright extra-virgin olive oil, our Persian Lime is a perfect addition to your summer table. This olive oil, with its light sweet lime zest and smooth peppery finish, is a perfect finishing oil for fish, chicken or even steak. When paired with our seasonal Coconut White Balsamic, it makes a divine summer marinade or salad dressing; or pair with our Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic for a thick, rich steak marinade. Both will bring new, one-of-a-kind flavors to your plate and entertain your guests. Persian Limes, or Tahitian limes, are less acidic and are not as bitter as key limes. These limes are a hybrid between key limes and lemons or citron. Developed in California in 1895 by John Bearss, these limes are absent of seeds and larger than typical key limes. We love the Persian lime because of its unique fragrant, spicy aroma.

Quick Descriptors: Light, sweet lime zest; smooth, peppery finish.

On your plate: Finishing oil for fish, chicken or steak; try sautéing white fish in Persian Lime Olive Oil for your fish taco; great in salads and over roasted root vegetables; swap with Olive Oil for butter in baked dishes; paired with balsamic, makes a unique marinade.

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