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Portobello & Garlic Olive Oil

Portobello & Garlic
Olive Oil


This rich, deep, and earthy aromatic olive oil adds a lovely taste to a variety of flavorful dishes. Our Portobello and Garlic Olive Oil will add complex tastes to simply saute vegetables and meats; and can transform basic dishes like grilled cheese or mac’n cheese into fine dining.

  • 200 ml - $13.99
  • 375 ml - $18.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $199.00 (12th bottle free!)
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Our Portobello & Garlic Olive Oil is a savory choice that brings earth tones, subtle touches of mushrooms and a hint of garlic to your dishes. We love drizzling this on bread before grilling or tossing in a pan (instead of butter) for a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich. Recently we’ve been making different varieties of hummus for dinner guests and have enjoyed experimenting with Olio’s infused olive oil. This one has quickly become a front runner. The infused garlic and the mushrooms pair nicely with the cumin spice. Hummus with Portobello & Garlic olive oil is a surprisingly quick (and healthy) appetizer served with crudités or toasted bread that makes a big impression.

Quick Descriptors: Savory; subtlety of mushrooms with a touch of garlic.

On your plate: Sauté vegetables and meats; base for dressings on Greek salads; grilled breads (think grilled cheese sandwiches!); mixed with or drizzled on hummus.

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