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Frog Balls

Frog Balls

These spicy dill pickled brussel sprouts add a fun twist to your Bloody Marys and martinis. Try them as a snack with a great beer or full-bodied red wine. We also love them sliced or diced in sandwiches and salads. Frog balls, with their "scandalous" name and delicious taste, make a really fun gift for any occasion.
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Oh, Frog Balls! 

No people, it's not what you think.  Get your mind out of the froggie gutter for goodness sake!  It's pickled brussel sprouts, and it is truly delicious.

These spicy dill pickled sprouts give your Bloody Marys & martinis a fun and tasty twist. It's also a great snack with a nice beer pr full-bodied red wines. Try them sliced or diced in sandwiches & salads.

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