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Backyard Farm Honey

Backyard Farm Honey


This local Virginia honey is made right down the road in Gainesville. A husband and wife duo literally started the honey business in their 'backyard'. She keeps the bees. He makes the honey (when he isn't busy making fine Virginia wine).

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Many believe that eating local honey helps build immunity to seasonal allergies. While there is not a lot of research yet to support this, people that eat a few teaspoons per day swear by it as a reliever to their allergies. The belief is that honey made by bees in the vicinity of the allergenic plant contains some pollen from that plant and acts as a sort of vaccine if taken in small amounts over several months.

Try this allergy cure for yourself with Backyard Farm honey from Gainesville, Virginia! Or just eat it because it is down right good.

Note: The flowers used to make this honey change with the seasons and batches, so you will note color and taste variations depending upon when you order. Don't worry, the taste variations will range anywhere from super-delicious to super-yummy.

Size:  16 oz

I have been enjoying local Virginia honey for years - great flavor and seems to help with my allergies.