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Sinfully Spicy Basket

Olio Gift Basket
Sinfully Spicy


If you are up for a spice challenge, then you will love this basket!  There's nothing in this basket that won't knock your hot socks off.  It's got our citrus habanero olive oil, with a touch of citrus followed by a strong pop of heat.  This oil is paired perfectly with Smoked balsamic vinegar.  Combined they make a great marinade.  We've included two pour spouts for your bottles.  Then, the basket has a generous portion of Spanish Saffron infused pasta and spicy creamy garlic vodka sauce.  To top it off we've included Ghost Pepper sea salt.  A kernel of this will light your fire!

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For those lovers of all things hot, this basket is for you.  It includes the following delicacies to spice up your life!

  • Citrus Habanero infused olive oil
  • Smoked balsamic
  • Two pour spouts for your bottles
  • Spanish Saffron infused pasta
  • Spicy creamy garlic vodka sauce
  • Ghost pepper sea salt