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Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar



This traditional style balsamic has a smooth, thick and flavorful texture that will transform your salads, cheeses and meat dishes.

Aged from the reduction and pressed Trebbiano grapes, our Balsamic Vinegar Condimento has a rich, deep chestnut brown color with a natural sweet taste.

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This style of balsamic is crafted in Modena Italy and has graced tables around the world for centuries. Made from the must of freshly pressed Trebbiano grapes, and aged in casts of Cherry, Oak, Mulberry and Juniper gives our balsamic an unbelievably rich, complex flavor of which legends are made of. 

If you are in the area of Reggio Emilia Italy where they grade their balsamic as Gold, silver, or red; or in Modena where they grade their balsamic as Gold or White, you will be well served to take a tour and tasting.  If you are here in Northern Virginia, stop by our tasting room – for the rest, you will be amazed by the authentic, deeply satisfying taste of Olio’s traditional aged balsamic, so order today. 

This balsamic is an elegant and thoughtful gift for a well-season chef, foodie, or rookie alike.


Quick Descriptors: Smooth, thick, rich, deep chestnut brown color, natural sweet and flavorful taste.

On your plate: simple salad dressing or made into a balsamic vinaigrette; drizzle on aged cheese, salmon, grilled steak; dress up a fruit salad; dessert sauce on ice cream.

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A friend gave me a bottle of this vinegar for my birthday. I have never tasted another Balsamic as heavenly as this one. I am planning on going to Middleburg to buy another today. I don't need to ever use retail salad dressings again!

Found this at a wine tasting. It is out of this world! I put it on everything from steak, chicken and even apples. My 5oz bottle from gift box is almost done and it has only been 5 days!!!!

amazing and unlike any other balsamic I've tasted. A drop on fresh cherry tomatoes or ripe, red strawberries is out of this world.