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Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar


Great addition to your Thanksgiving table! This thick, sweet cranberry infused balsamic has a vibrant and lovely taste that will compliment your turkey, feta and nut salads, or vanilla ice cream.

  • 200 ml - $12.99
  • 375 ml - $17.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $198.00 (12th bottle free!)
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Starting this year, add Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar to your Thanksgiving table. A unique switch from the traditional cranberry sauce, our Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar will add a vibrant, sweet and intense berry flavor to your turkey. This elegant balsamic has a thick, smooth consistency that allows for a little bit to go a long way. As a holiday dressing, it is refreshingly light in calories but delicious in taste! Outside of the holiday season, this Cranberry Balsamic is a lovely addition to an open-faced sandwich, chicken salad, feta and nut green salad or over sorbet. Made from Traditional aged Balsamic, this infused balsamic is crafted in Modena Italy.

Quick Descriptors: Vibrant, sweet and intense berry flavor.

On your plate: Toss with feta and nut green salad; enhance your turkey wrap or entrée; drizzle over sorbet or dessert tart.

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