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Fig Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar


Sweet, nutty, fig infused flavor in a thick, rich high quality balsamic. Our Fig Balsamic can be enjoyed as a simple appetizer with brie cheese, crusty French bread and dried fruit; drizzled over grilled pork.

  • 200 ml - $12.99 
  • 375 ml - $17.99
  • 375ml case of 12 bottles - $198.00 (12th bottle free!)
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If brie soft cheese had a soul mate, this Fig Balsamic would be it. Imagine warm brie on crusty French bread with our rich, full, sweet fig infused balsamic poured across the top. Divine. Our Fig Balsamic is crafted with our Traditional aged Style Balsamic to create a thick, rich, sweet fig with smooth nutty flavors. This would be an excellent gourmet gift coupled with our Rosemary Olive Oil and a bag of dried fruit, chocolate or nuts. Or as a hostess gift with a tray of soft cheese.

Quick Descriptors: Rich, full, sweet fig with smooth nutty flavors.

On your plate: Enjoy with fresh or dried fruit; soft cheeses; drizzled over grilled pork or roasted turkey; over a green salad with nuts and quinoa.

I made a Fig Balsamic Sauce and was amazed. I can’t wait to try the chocolate balsamic.